Stockbroker Benefits

by Contributing Writer ; Updated July 27, 2017

There are many benefits in using a stockbroker. Individuals, investors, traders and businesses can all use help, guidance and advice when it comes to managing their money. Stockbrokers are regulated professionals often referred to as Registered Representatives.


A stockbroker can offer advice on how to invest, grow, manage and mainatin your money. Stockbrokers are trained in this and have access to some of the best professional advice by some of the most educated and seasoned minds in the financial business.


A stockbroker can and will execute trades for a client/customer. A stockbroker can submit stock, bond, mutual fund, commodity, option, CDs and Treasury Bond buys and sells. A stockbroker can also complete for a customer tender offers, reorganization items, odd lot offers and more.

Record Keeping

One of the biggest benefits of using a stockbroker is record keeping. A stockbroker and his firm will keep records of trade confirmations, monthly statements, year-end tax reporting statements, deposits, withdrawals and any activity that has occurred in an account for at least seven years.


Those new, inexperienced, or even experienced can learn a great deal from a seasoned and professional stockbroker. A stockbroker can provide insight and help a client learn about the advantages, disadvantages, risks and rewards of many different investment vehicles.


If a client has a conflict or complaint with their stockbroker, he can take it up with the firm at which the stockbroker is employed. No complaint will go unanswered and a quick and satisfactory result is the outcome all parties wish for.

Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations govern stockbrokers and all must adhere to these standards. There job is to help you keep and grow your money while acting ethically. Their good business sense is rewarded in many ways when clients are happy and serviced.

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