How to Find a Dentist Who Accepts UnitedHealthcare

by Matt Browning ; Updated October 25, 2017
How to Find a Dentist Who Accepts UnitedHealthcare

United HealthCare provides health and dental insurance to consumers and employers across the U.S. United’s dental insurance products include a nationwide network of participating dentists who have agreed to care for United’s dental plan members. Your dental plan will pay for some dental services, and you will pay a portion of normal dental fees for other services. Rely on four kinds of resources to find a dentist who accepts United’s dental insurance.

Step 1

Check the United HealthCare dental directories. United publishes a paper directory of all physicians and dentists in the networks for each of its insurance plans, and it also provides these directories online. You can search for a dentist through United’s master provider directory, or you can choose to search through the separate dental directory. United’s online directories allow you to search by city, state or postal code; search results provide full contact information for nearby dentists as well as links to office websites.

Step 2

Call United HealthCare’s member services staff. United maintains toll-free member services telephone lines in all the states where it sells insurance products. Call the number printed on your United dental plan membership card, and ask for help in finding a network dentist.

Step 3

Use resources developed by professional associations. Professional dental organizations, like the American Dental Association or your state dental society, publish directories of nearby dentists that you can use to find a United dentist nearby. Many associations will include the types of insurance each dentist accepts in her directory profile, along with contact information and office hours. If your state dental association does not include insurance as part of a dentist profile, use the directory to produce a list of nearby dentists in your community and then contact each office to determine if it accepts United’s dental insurance.

Step 4

Ask your employer’s benefits manager. If your employer provides dental insurance to you as part of your benefits package, you can ask your benefits manager or human resources staff for help in finding a nearby United dentist. United sends employer benefits managers printed copies of its master provider directories, so your benefits manager should be able to let you search the directory or look for nearby dentists herself.


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