Does Goodwill Accept Satellite Dishes?

by Tina Amo
You can donate your satellite dish to a Goodwill store if it works.

If you have a satellite dish you don't need, you might be able to donate it to a Goodwill store. Because guidelines for acceptable donations vary slightly by location, you might have to search for a branch that will take your dish. You can ask for a receipt for your tax records. Goodwill sells donated items at the stores and on the Internet. The proceeds help job training and employment programs in various communities.

Acceptable Items

Goodwill accepts various items, including household goods, clothing and electronics. The company provides examples of electronics it can accept, but the list is not exhaustive. Each branch can decide on additional items to accept, depending on factors specific to the location. For instance, your neighborhood Goodwill store might not be able to accommodate a large dish, but might welcome a portable version.

Condition of Donations

Goodwill only accepts items that are usable and have resale value. If you locate a branch that accepts satellite dishes, ensure that yours works and is compatible with receivers that are in current use. Goodwill prefers fairly recent items. Electronics and other goods produced in the last five years have a higher resale value than older products.

Delivering Donations

You can deliver your satellite dish to Goodwill during the store's hours. If you are unable to visit the store when it's open, inquire about having it picked up. Some branches have a pickup program. Most stores that offer this service expect you to schedule a pickup several days in advance of the pickup date. Inform the staff member if you have additional items to donate to ensure that the driver has enough space in the vehicle. There is a limit to the number and size of the items you can have picked up.

Alternative Methods of Disposal

There are other options for disposing of your satellite dish if you are unable to locate a Goodwill branch that will accept it. If the dish is in working condition, you could return it to the satellite company for reuse or sell it online through an auction or classifieds website. If it doesn't work or is too old, you could get some money for the metal at a scrap yard or take it to an electronics recycling center. Some satellite companies also have a recycling program and will accept old or damaged equipment.

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