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by Jane Meggitt ; Updated July 27, 2017
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Turning 50 is a milestone -- you've been on the planet for half a century. It also means you're eligible to join AARP and take advantage of the organization's various membership benefits. This includes renter's insurance, available through an agreement between AARP and The Hartford insurance company. AARP also offers automobile, motorcycle, homeowners, mobile home, life and health insurance to members.

Renters Insurance

If thieves break into your rental unit or dwelling, or if there's a fire, your landlord's insurance generally won't cover your personal effects. For that coverage, you need renter's insurance. The AARP Hartford renter's insurance policy covers replacement of lost or stolen items -- no matter the condition -- with new ones of comparable quality. If you have possessions of special value, such as art and antiques, you can list these items and appraised value under an endorsement option. Other endorsement options include personal liability protection, identity fraud coverage and assisted living coverage. You can qualify for discounted coverage if you "bundle" your automobile and renters insurance with Hartford. The company offers flood insurance through the AARP renter's insurance program. Not all renters insurance benefits are available in every state.

Additional Credits

If you and your spouse are both retired -- or work 24 hours a week or less -- you can qualify for credits on your primary rental residence. Additional credit is available if your rental unit boasts 24-hour security. If you continue renewing your renter's insurance coverage, you receive more savings.

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