How to Track Down Lost U.S. Treasury Savings Bonds

by Contributing Writer ; Updated July 27, 2017
Track Down Lost U.S. Treasury Savings Bonds

Concerned you may have an old savings bond out there somewhere and want to cash it in? It is not as uncommon to have unclaimed savings bonds or bonds that have matured and not earning interest any longer because those who bought them--our aging parents and grandparents--are retiring or simply forgetting about them. Luckily, the folks who sell savings bonds are pretty good about keeping accurate records, so chances are, you should be able to find the savings bonds that grandpa and grandma bought for you on the day you were born.

Step 1

Begin by gathering up as much information as you can about the savings bond in question. Who bought it? When did they buy it? Whom did they buy it for? Did they write down the serial number anywhere?

Step 2

Locate the relevant identification for the person who bought the savings bond--the more information you have, the better. Confirm important details, such as the full name and Social Security number. If the purchaser is deceased, an official copy of the death certificate will be required.

Step 3

Go to Treasury Direct website and download form 1048. See the Resource section below for a link.

Step 4

Complete the form in its entirety, or complete as much information as you can provide. The more information, the quicker your investigation will be completed.

Step 5

Take the completed Form 1048 to a bank, credit union or other financial institution to sign the form, as well as receive a certified signature stamp. You must wait until you are in the presence of a certifying officer to sign this form.

Step 6

Mail the form to the given address.


  • Find as much information as possible before sending your inquiry to the U.S. Treasury Department. If little information is known, begin your search in places your family kept important documentation: a safety deposit box, family bible or an old shoe box in the bottom of the closet.


  • Be prepared to wait a while. As most people know, government entities are not known for being expeditious with such matters.
    Avoid the so called "asset recovery" firms who charge overpriced fees to do the same thing you can do above.

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