How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Male Dog Fixed?

by Derek Dowell ; Updated July 27, 2017
Neutering is a responsible choice where too many dogs are abandoned.

The cost to have your dog neutered can range from a low of $45 at a low-cost animal clinic up to $300 or more for some private veterinarians. Large towns, where there is a more obvious pet overpopulation problem and competing clinics, will likely have more cheap alternatives when it comes to price. Dog owners should also be aware that other factors like size of the dog, breed, and age play a role in determining what the final charge will be.


A larger dog might be more expensive to neuter than a smaller one due to simple economics. A bigger body requires more sedation medicine as well as more labor to move around. Certain breeds are also at a higher risk of bleeding excessively, requiring a special procedure that equals more time spent in surgery and a higher cost. Anything that needs more time or effort exerted by the veterinarian staff, such as an overweight or older pet, will cost more.

Private Vet

A private veterinarian may or may not have a low-cost spay and neutering program available. Some do it as a sort of public service while others prefer to concentrate their time on more profitable endeavors. After all, veterinarian school is not cheap and no one should decry an animal's doctor intention to earn money from his specialized knowledge and skills. If you find it difficult to afford the cost of a private vet's neutering service, ask him or his staff if they know of a cheaper option in the area.

Low-Cost Clinic

Most areas have some sort of low-cost spay and neutering program that is partially subsidized by private donations, government funds, organizations like the Human Society, or volunteer services provided by area vets. These sorts of clinics should come in on the low range of of cost, but keep in mind that this reduced fee sometimes accompanies an assembly line approach where the animal doesn't receive as much care and personal attention during the process.

Surgery Inclusions

When collecting quotes for a dog's neutering, be sure to get an itemized list of everything that is included in the price. A quote that doesn't include medications, supplies, and the use of a recovery room could result in a surprise with a final bill that is much higher than anticipated. Ultimately, the decision to neuter your dog is a good one. The number of stray pets can attest to that. A little research beforehand can make the process as pleasant as possible for your canine friend without doing too much damage to your pocketbook.

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