How to Fill out a Quitclaim Deed in Washington

by Jesse Lanclos ; Updated July 27, 2017

A quitclaim deed is a legal document releasing a person from ownership of a property. You sign a quitclaim deed when you no longer want any liability for the property. Usually, family members or close friends familiar with the property sign a quitclaim deed to release one of the parties from any responsibility. A former spouse may sign over ownership rights to a property via quitclaim deed during a divorce, to forsake any responsibility for the property. The Washington Bar Association offers a valid quitclaim deed form online.

Step 1

Print the Washington Bar Association's online quitclaim deed form (see Resources).

Step 2

Write the quitclaim deed recipient next to "“When recorded return to.”

Step 3

Write the name and address of the person giving up ownership rights to the property next to "THE GRANTOR(S)." Write the amount (if any) paid for the transfer next to "for and in consideration of." Write the recipient's name and address next to "in hand paid, conveys and quit claims to."

Step 4

Write the county of the property next to "the following described real estate, situated in the County of." Describe the property in the space below this section.

Step 5

Sign and date the document in the space provided. Obtain a signature from a Washington notary public.

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