Educational Benefits for Grandchildren of War Veterans

by Lori Soard
Veterans' benefits for education have some stringent guidelines.

Although there are some perks for children of war veterans, particularly children of disabled veterans, many wonder if there are any educational benefits for grandchildren of war veterans. College costs these days seem to be growing with nearly every year. Families are looking for help anywhere they can find it. If Grandpa or Grandma is a war veteran, then there may be some things that will help cover expenses for a grandchild.

Federal Benefits

Generally, educational benefits only apply to the son, daughter or spouse of a disabled or deceased veteran who was injured or died during active service in the military. Veterans' benefits for education have some stringent guidelines and generally apply to children of disabled veterans ages 18 to 26, although there are some exceptions. If a grandchild has been adopted by the grandparent, however, a call should be made to the Department of Veterans Affairs at . Adopted children are typically eligible for these benefits. Grandchildren can also sign up for the military and be eligible for work study type benefits under the GI Bill.

Benefits from Organizations

Although the federal government doesn't offer benefits for the grandchildren of war veterans, there are organizations that might provide the needed aid. The Veterans of War Society and the Mike Nash Memorial Scholarship Fund are just two of the programs available to grandchildren of war veterans that might offer significant financial aid for college or trade and vocational schools. The Mike Nash Memorial Scholarship was started in 1991. The program is specifically geared to veterans from the Vietnam War, which is also the war in which Mike Nash served and was disabled. The scholarship is for dependent children, grandchildren and orphans and widows of veterans who died during the Vietnam War and is for an undergraduate degree. Scholarships are for a one-year period and an application includes writing an essay.

State and Local Options

Every state has local chapters of bigger organizations such as the American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars. These posts often offer scholarships for the children and grandchildren of members. Check your local chapter offices to find out what scholarships might be available and the best way to apply. Even small scholarships can help cover the cost of book rental or food and housing. The grandparent has paid for these programs with membership dues and service to his country, so grandchildren of war veterans should take advantage of these educational benefits.

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