How do I Donate a Scooter?

by Jamie Lisse
Get a scooter made for the kind of terrain your child will ride on.

Whether you have a Vespa-style scooter or a motorized medical scooter that you no longer have a need for, there are charitable organizations throughout the United States that can accept your donation. This will prevent you from dealing with the frustrations of trying to sell your scooter. Due to the size and weight of each type of scooter, donations should be made to organizations in your area so that you can take the scooter to a local center or charity office.

Clean up the scooter and make sure that it works properly. You cannot donate a scooter that does not work.

Pick out a charity where you want to donate your scooter. For a motorized medical scooter, you can donate to organizations such as nursing homes and car facilities. The Wheelchair Foundation website (see Resources) has a list of charities that accept such donations. For motorcycle-style scooters, you can donate to organizations that accept car donations, such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Use the IRS website (see Resources) to look for tax exempt organizations for your donation, which means you can get a tax write-off.

Take your scooter to the donation center of the charity you have chosen. Some organizations might offer a pick-up service for the scooter. If that is the case just arrange the pick-up instead of dropping it off. Keep the donation receipt you get because you will need it for your taxes to claim your write-off.

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