How to Cash in a War Savings Bond Series E

by Emily Weller ; Updated April 19, 2017
Cash in any Series E war savings bonds you have at a local bank.

Series E savings bonds were first sold in 1941 to raise money for World War II. You could buy Series E bonds up until 1980, when Series EE bonds replaced them. Although you can no longer buy Series E bonds, you may have some that you have not cashed yet. The bonds only earn interest for 30 years and the last E bonds stopped earning interest in 2010, so it is worth your while to cash in any you still have.

Step 1

Visit your local bank with the Series E bonds.

Step 2

Provide proof of your identity to the bank. If you have an account at the bank and have had it for longer than six months, that should suffice. If you don't have an account, you should bring your driver's license with you or another form of identification, such as a passport. Your name should be on the Series E bond or you should have some way of proving that you are entitled to the bond if it is not in your name. For example, if you inherited the bond from a family member, bring his death certificate with you.

Step 3

Sign the bond at the bank. You'll receive money right away if the bond is less than $1,000. If it is more than $1,000, you will need to mail it to your local Treasury Retail Securities Site and provide your social security number. You still need to go to the bank to cash the bond, since it must be signed in front of an officer of the bank.


  • When you cash in a War Savings bond, you are responsible for paying income tax on the interest it earned. You'll receive a 1099-INT from the bank that states the interest on the bond.

Items you will need

  • Series E savings bond
  • Driver's license or bank account

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